10 Home staging tips


1. Depersonalize your home:

 By removing photos, trophies, collections, medicine, in short, anything that could impede on the buyer’s identification process.

2. Unclutter your home:

 By freeing up space, your property will seem larger!

3. Add objects:

 Chandeliers, candles et fruit bowls are sure-values which the buyers will identify with.

4. Clean the exterior and the interior:

 By taking extra care of your home’s landscaping, patio, but also its windows, countertops, carpets and stairs.

5. Managing odors:

 Cigars, cigarettes, animals... Opt more for vanilla fragrances, or better yet, hot oven-baked bread!

6. Masking exterior noises:

 Located in a noisy neighborhood? Classical music will muffle these undesirable sounds.

7. Add lighting: light charms!

 Open drapes and lights since it is proven that well-illuminated properties sell quicker!

8. Add a few plants:

 A plant is an example of life! Add them, particularly in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. But be careful not to clutter!

9. Decorate your home:

 By highlighting time-tested colours such as white and beige. Careful not to use colors too vivid, such as purple or orange.

10. Consult your RE/MAX Broker!

 They’re Real Estate professionals who possess all the necessary tools and know-how to advise you when selling or buying your property.